Project Raab Karcher

Raab Karcher, Saint-Gobain Building Distribution BNL - BR Products

After years of diversity and choice in the design of the warehouses, construction materials dealer Raab Karcher has since October 2014 chosen BR Products as a partner with full conviction. In addition to the branches of Raab Karcher, the cooperation between the parties is even broader and BR supplies the storage racks for the entire Saint-Gobain Building Distribution BNL group. In addition to Raab Karcher, Van Keulen Bouwmaterialen, De Jager Tolhoek, Galvano Groothandel and Tegelgroep Nederland all fall under the cooperating group with several branches.

BR provides several products with the wishes of Saint-Gobain Building Distribution BNL group is the storage of materials and use in the logistic process. Unburdening, thinking along with and finding solutions in combination with the quality and practical workability of the product is a solid foundation of this collaboration.

Meanwhile, in the year 2017 and 2018, more than 24 branches have been completely redesigned with over 1200 meters of double or single sided cantilever racks from BR. For indoor wood storage, for extra outdoor capacity and also for incoming and outgoing goods. Saint-Gobain Building Distribution BNL group now makes use of all possible options that fit well with the target at that moment. As an example of this, the grids in the racks are used for the flexible storage of, among other things, pallets, and the many outside racks with roof girders.

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