light duty cantilever racks

For goods with less load which are manually loaded you can opt for a light cantilever rack. BR light cantilever racks can be supplied as standard with a height of 2 to 3 meters with steps of 500 mm and can be equipped with support arms with a length of 500, 600 and 700 mm with load capacities of 200 kg per arm.

BR light cantilever racks are suitable for the storage of both short and long materials. Thanks to the support arms that are placed horizontally in the upright. A combination with fibreboard ensures an arrangement where placing a large variety of products is possible. The rack is completely disassembled which offers unlimited construction possibilities.

light duty cantilever rack parts


1. Column
2. Cantilever
3. Upright foot
4. Horizontal brace
5. Cross bracing
6. Cantilever End stop
7. Wooden fibreboard


●  Columns, feet and arms finished with epoxy powder coating
●  Columns and feet color RAL 5015, arms RAL 2004
●  Bracing sendzimir galvanized
●  Support arms adjustable per step of 100 mm
●  For single-sided and double-sided use
●  Suitable for manual loading


light duty cantilever rack fibreboard

additional Wooden fibreboards

If you also want to store some smaller goods in your cantilever rack, you can extend your cantilever rack with fiber plates.
light duty cantilever arms

additional End stop

To prevent rollers from being rolled up during the storage of round products such as tubes, special safety rollers are available.
light duty cantilever

Plastic caps

All BR light cantilever racks are supplied as standard with specially developed cover caps for covering the support arms and upright feet.


As a user you must take into account the valid national safety regulations regarding warehouse equipment. BR light cantilever racks are designed in accordance with all Dutch and European standards. The most important are:

  • NEN 5052 Storage racks - purchase data assembly and use
  • NEN 5054 Pallet racking - operation by warehouse trucks / Project specification in connection with the Declaration of permitted use
  • Building Decree 2003
  • Eurocode 0 Accounting policies
  • Eurocode 1 Taxes on constructions
  • Eurocode 3 Design and calculation of steel structures
  • NEN-EN15629 Steel static storage systems - Specification of storage equipment
  • NEN-EN15635 Steel static storage systems - Application and maintenance of storage equipment
  • RAL-RG 614 Lager- und Betriebseinrichtungen, Gütesicherung

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