Project Galvano

In mid-2017 Galvano's lack of space proved to be a fact for Galvano. From a financial point of view, there was the possibility of an investment. To Mr. G. Gerard Wijnen's task is to look at how and in which way an investment is best realised within the organisation. In the meantime, a beautiful project has been completed successfully in collaboration with various parties. Grass Warehouse equipment was part of this project and takes a look at Galvano Metaal after completion.

The metal sheet metal department is growing fastest, so we were able to achieve the best return on investment there.' Carrier armrests offer us many advantages over standard pallet racks. Metal sheets are often flat packs in various widths. A support arm arrangement is the perfect storage method for this purpose. The support arms make it possible to store or remove all kinds of dimensions easily without the danger of constantly driving against the racks because the load (just) does not fit. Space costs money and is always limited, so the propositions are as close to each other as possible. Even for experienced forklift truck drivers, it remains a challenge to drive straight under time pressure and never touch a rack.

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The old scaffoldings had therefore often been hit, which in the meantime caused dangerous situations. Especially with the heavy load that is stored here. I have thus come up with this project, an attitude in which damage driving and dangerous situations are a thing of the past. For the realisation of this project, several parties were invited to contribute to the most efficient implementation of the available space and the right solution.

Grass Warehouse equipment and BR Products are a combination of parties that have finally been commissioned. As project leader and executive party and BR products as producer of the extra heavy-duty construction load-bearing armrests with specially developed crash protection. The Hubtex, a customised side loader supplied by Hooff's company, was also featured. This essential part of the project was completely given over to Begra by Gerard. A decent responsibility because such a Hubtex is a considerable investment. But you've already worked much more with Hubtex, so I've left this to Begra with all confidence.

In close collaboration between Van Hooff's internal transport and Begra, the ideal arrangement of the support armrests in the available space was determined and the dimensions of the Hubtex side loader were created. Confidence in this is not ashamed. The support armrests are mounted with extreme precision and the brand new Hubtex is now easy to drive up and down between the racks. Apart from some minor teething troubles with the Hubtex, this part of the project has also been successfully completed!

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In addition to the side loader, Begra also took the coordination over the repositioning of all water drains in the ceiling. This was necessary in order to fill the space as efficiently as possible with scaffolding. Grara has outsourced this in-house and was able to facilitate the project from A to Z for Galvano. The commissioning inspection after the completion of this project was carried out by Safety Support. This way everything is neatly sealed and safety is guaranteed.

The Hubtex side loader and the new scaffolding have meanwhile become fully operational. The free locations are now quickly filled with large stocks of metal plates. Calculations show that the work with the new set-up in combination with the Hubtex can be carried out up to 4 times faster! On the basis of these results, the investment made is justified and thus recouped', says Gerard Wijnen. The end result may be real. The new propositions are tight and even the old propositions have been neatly redesigned. All materials have been reused, nothing has been lost. Also in terms of colour use, it is a good combination, the new scaffolding matches nicely with the older material, which makes it a truly unified piece of material,' The whole project went smoothly to the full satisfaction. They had forgotten the yellow crash protection at the end of the line of racking,' says Gerard.

The Hubtex side loader takes over the steering and driving control as soon as it is in the row of racks between the yellow crash protection. He automatically records the yellow frames and thus knows exactly what to do between them. With the lack of an end protection, the Hubtex can theoretically drive itself outwards in this way.... and now that we've just kept him inside, which is what it would like to be.

We would like to thank Galvano Metaal sincerely for the trust and pleasant cooperation during this project.