heavy duty cantilever racks

BR heavy cantilever racks are extremely suitable for mechanical loading of heavy goods. Our heavy-duty cantilever racks are supplied as standard with a height of 2½ to 9 meters with 500 mm steps and can be equipped with carrying arms with a length of 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1500 and 2000 mm with various bearing capacities.

The cantilever racks are ideal for storing long materials. Thanks to the carrying arms that are hooked vertically into the upright, a flexible position is created that can take a beating. The hooking arms are designed to prevent damage to the support arm and the upright. Damage is often caused by an incorrect operation with placement equipment such as a forklift truck. Due to a freedom of movement of the arm, both on the side and up, this is a thing of the past.

heavy duty cantilever rack parts


1. Column
2. Cantilever
3. Upright foot
4. Horizontal brace
5. Cross bracing
6. Torque angle
7. Cantilever End stop


●  Columns and feet finished with epoxy coating
●  Cantilever arms finished with epoxy powder coating
●  Columns and feet RAL 5015, arms RAL 2004
●  Bracing sendzimir galvanized
●  Galvanized for outdoor storage
●  Cantilever arms adjustable per step of 100 mm
●  For single-sided and double-sided use
●  For crane and forklift truck loading
●  Continuous storage via arm bridges


Damage to storage racks is undesirable in practice. Not only because the replacement costs a lot, but also from a safety point of view. Damage risk is considerably increased as a result of damage to positions. The BR hook-up system responds to this practical situation. Damage is often caused by an incorrect operation with placement equipment such as a forklift truck or side loader.

To translate collisions with the carrying arm into a direction of movement, a special impact guide has been developed. This impact conductor will guide the support arm to the path of least resistance, this may be due to the shape of the conductor in the upward or lateral direction. In order to limit the adverse consequences, the following solutions have been incorporated.

heavy cantilever

situation 1

Impact of the cantilever arm in horizontal direction.


When using the hook-in connection, the arm is not damaged because the arm can pivot to the left or to the right. As a result, after impact, it moves back to the original position without damage.
heavy cantilever

situation 2

Impact of the cantilever arm in vertical direction.


Because the arm can also pivot upwards, the arm is not damaged. Also in this case, the arm moves back into its original position after impact. Again without damage.
heavy cantilever

situation 3

Most cantilever racks are made of IPE profiles, which can lead to undesirable situations. This is because fork-lift paddles can stick in a cantilever arm, resulting in damage to the connection of the upright with the cantilever arm.


By using a tubular profile as a supporting arm, it is impossible that a forklift truck spoon is trapped in the cantilever arm.

in practice

Horizontal deflection of the cantilever arm

Vertical deflection of the cantilever arm



As a user you must take into account the valid national safety regulations regarding warehouse equipment. BR light cantilever racks are designed in accordance with all Dutch and European standards. The most important are:

  • NEN 5052 Storage racks - purchase data assembly and use
  • NEN 5054 Pallet racking - operation by warehouse trucks / Project specification in connection with the Declaration of permitted use
  • Building Decree 2003
  • Eurocode 0 Accounting policies
  • Eurocode 1 Taxes on constructions
  • Eurocode 3 Design and calculation of steel structures
  • NEN-EN15629 Steel static storage systems - Specification of storage equipment
  • NEN-EN15635 Steel static storage systems - Application and maintenance of storage equipment
  • RAL-RG 614 Lager- und Betriebseinrichtungen, Gütesicherung

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