BR also supplies various accessories for your cantilever rack or mezzanine floor. All accessories comply with the applicable safety standards. Would you like to know what benefits the following accessories, a cantilever rack or a mezzanine floor can provide for you? Then contact us without obligation. Prices on request..

Industrial staircases

You can easily reach mezzanine floor with special designed staircases. Our standard staircases are available directly from stock and are finished with a sky blue (RAL5015) epoxy powder coating. High-quality, hot-dip galvanized, punched anti-slip steps of 800, 1000 or 1200 mm wide. External dimensions 900, 1100 or 1300 mm, inclination is 45 degrees.


  • Heights: 2800, 3000 of 3200 mm
  • Plateaus: 800, 1000 of 1200 x 1000 mm
  • Stair step widths: 800, 1000 of 1200 mm
  • Stair widths: 900, 1100 of 1300 mm


  • Finishing of the staircase with hot dip galvanising.
  • Expoxy powder coating each RAL color.
  • Alternative heights
  • Galvanized stairs.

more information

Please contact one of our employees for different dimensions or request a quotation without obligation.

industrial stairs
warehouse landing stairs

pallet gates

In order to ensure that the storage of your goods runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible, we offer various options for handling your pallets. A pallet storage is a simple and relatively cheap solution for placing goods on a mezzanine floor. In one or more places, the open side railing is interrupted by a pallet platform that can be used with various fall protection measures. The pallet racks are equipped with a galvanised top plate to protect your floor plates.

The simplest version is a pallet set-up place with a safety chain to prevent accidental entry into the pallet set-up place. The sides are protected by handrails. The dimensions of the pallet racking units are matched to a euro or block racking, but deviating dimensions may be possible. In addition, it is possible to combine a pallet set-up with a tilting gate.

pallet gate
pallet gates

tilting gates

A tilting gate acts as a cargo lock which is moved over or along the goods. This ensures a safe area, protected in accordance with working conditions guidelines, in which the goods can be placed. A tilting gate is easy to place in the correct position and materials are safely removed.

Prevent accidents in your warehouse

A tilting gate is an ideal solution to prevent accidents when moving pallets. Thanks to the stable shielding on a mezzanine floor, the falling of materials and personnel can be prevented. Available in a powder coated finish in the desired RAL colour (some colours have a surcharge). Suitable for handrail heights of 1000 mm, when placed on a fibreboard floor, the tilting gates are supplied with the necessary fixing materials.

We also supply tilting gates with other passages. Prices on request.

tilting gate
tilting gate

sliding gates & hinged gates

BR sliding gates can be placed at pallet racking positions and are suitable for handrail heights of 1000 mm. our sliding gates are available in a powder coated finish in the desired RAL colour (some colours have a surcharge). When placed on a fibreboard floor, the sliding gates are supplied with the necessary fastening materials.

Our folding gates are also suitable for handrail heights of 1000 mm and are available in a powder-coated finish in the desired RAL colour (some colours have a surcharge).

Also available with sliding and hinged gates with other passageways.

sliding gate
sliding gate


Handrail work on an open side of a mezzanine floor is not only desirable, it is even required by law. All our railing work complies with the applicable laws and regulations, so that the safety of personnel and equipment is always guaranteed. BR railing is made up of railing columns, handrails, knuckle rails and kick edges.

You can choose between wooden or metal handrails. BR Handrail is available as standard with a sky blue (RAL5014) powder coating, other colours are available on request.

industrial stairs
handrail wood

wire mesh decks in cantilever racks

Wire mesh decks in combination with a support arm arrangement increase your efficient storage of different sizes of goods. If you have many different dimensions of goods, these can easily be stored in a support arm arrangement with press gratings. Due to the combination of sturdy press grids and high-quality support arms, heavy goods can be placed anywhere in the racking.

wire mesh decks in cantilever racks
wire mesh decks in cantilever racks

wire mesh decks in cantilever racks
wire mesh decks in cantilever racks